The Reporter

She heard about the famous director’s mansion that houses dozens of hot women, she wanted to do an article on it so she went undercover. She pretended to be one of the women. She soon found out that all these women were nymphos. All they ever thought about and did involved sex somehow. Someone asked her if she wanted to visit the masoose. No harm in that. But as he massoged her he started paying a lot of attention to her bum. What should she do?

CCTV cameras are everywhere, for the owner’s own pleasure. No one knows if he’s watching or not. One woman recently got noticed by the boss and went traveling with him. He lavished gifts on her and now all the other women are jelouse because he gave her the key to one of the large apartments and she has many more perks than the other girls do.

The reporter is competitive by nature and can’t help but feel drawn in to the competition happening here.

Sometimes men walk around with cameras and it’s very likely the boss is watching through one of these, the girls theorize.

One afternoon a cercus is set up on one of the lawns. Many cameras are place in and around. Many believe the boss is likely to be watching. There are rides like a snake on a track that you can stradle and it has nobs on its back that two of the women make use of.


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